Fruits and Veg Survive Harvest

Fruits and Veg are Alive after Harvesting

Fruits and Veg are Alive after Harvesting

A recent study found that fruits and vegetables not only survive harvesting, but they go on to carry out certain self-defensive processes that ensure they are not eaten. After reading the article, I was convinced that plants do not want us to eat them. Read, share, and comment about this new finding!

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Don’t Be Mean to Greens!

I Hate Vegans (by Aaron Jay)

I Hate Vegans (by Aaron Jay)

As if Aaron Jay was making a shirt for us, this beautiful and brilliant design is a snapshot of our cause. I have already purchased 20 of them for our staff here at PFP. Please visit Threadless and grab one for yourself!

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Design via Aaron Jay




Epic Meat Getaway

Fleisher’s Meats is offering a butcher adventure for those in the know and those who want to be. Get a crash course in butchery or hone your already mad skills in upstate New York with the legendary choppers. Thrillist NY is also offering a discounted package for this getaway so make sure you grab it before it gets away!

Epic Foodie Getaway w/ Fleisher’s Meats

A New Manhattan Eatery

Check out this new Manhattan eatery. It is called Dickson’s Farmstand and it dares to serve all meat. It entices you with the slabs of flesh dangling in the window. When you enter, the smell of prime cuts and parchment paper throws one back to days of old. This is the revival of the butcher shop. No plant can make you salivate like this place can.

What’s better than a really slick-looking business card?

The business card

The business card

A really slick-looking business card made of meat!

Meat Cards utilizes lasers to inscribe your business or personal moniker on high-quality beef jerky. If you were ever wondering how to make yourself more known, don’t resort to killing trees and mutilating them into a 3.5 x 2 inch wafer of despair. Just use beef! Not only is it nutritious and delicious, but you are saving countless trees with every savory card you hand out. So get yours today!

A Real Commitment to Bacon

Mike Nelson, of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and RiffTrax fame, had embarked on an all-bacon diet for the month of February. We applaud Mr. Nelson’s great leap into a lifestyle that is dedicated to one of the most compelling meats, bacon. We stumbled upon this through Wired but you can read the various bacon related posts on RiffTrax’s blog. Enjoy!

RiffTrax February Blog:

Baconate Your Life

We at Plants Populi feel that you do not need to eat plants. In fact, some of the best tasting and nutritious food is made from animals. In other words, meat is good. So to help you change your current pabulum paradigm, your diet demeanor, please utilize the following website. And it’s OK, you don’t have to thank us. We are just happy to help.